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What to do if the ELD Malfunctions
Open API Reference Guide
How to Switch Between Property and Passenger Carrying
In-Cab Materials
Roadside inspection Instructions
How to use Special Driving Categories
Check Plugin Troubleshooting
How to Update Firmware
How to reset your geowiz password
Updating Geowiz (Android)
How to Certify Logs
How to Manually Update Firmware (Advanced)
How to Send Logs
Editing Logs (ELD)
Geowiz Malfunction Manual
Instructions for Geowiz data transfer to safety official
How to Access the New Website portal, As well as Save logs as pdf files.
How Violations work
How to Do a DVIR
How to use the Co Driver Function
How to send data to Safety Officials using the RoadReady Solutions website
How to Assign Drive Time
How to Rate the App