How to Do a DVIR

1. You go to the HOS page and then select on duty not driving

2. Once that is done there should be a button next to the on duty status that says DVIR you would hit that

3.  There are two different types of DVIR that you can do a trailer and truck DVIR I would advise doing both and you differentiate them by selecting which one it is on the top of the page 

4. For the trailer DVIR you will need to enter in the trailer / chassis id so it will be entered into the system

5. Under the selection of trailer or truck inspection you would also note whether this is a pre or post trip inspection

6.  After that you would enter in your current odometer of the vehicle

7.  You would then go to the checklist and examine your vehicle or trailer and make sure that everything is in working order if it isn't you hit the selection for the part that seems to not be functioning properly

8. You can put in any specific issues regarding the inspection in the notes section and you can select which status the inspection currently falls under acceptable, requires attention, or requires immediate attention under the condition selection

9. You would then sign the DVIR and then save the inspection report, after this it should appear next to the duty status and on the inspector view

You can get both inspections out of the way by doing this method or by going to the start my day button on the home page of the application.

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