How to use the Co Driver Function

1. Login to the application and go to the HOS page of the application

2. Go to the button labeled driver and hit the yes button

3. After that the button should be orange and there should be an orange label appear as well that means you are now in co driver mode

4. You would then go to the manifest page and enter in the co drivers name and save the information

5. If your co driver has his own login and device he would do steps 1 to 4 on his device

6. In the instance of you sharing a device the first driver would do his shift and then logout of the application, the second driver would then login to his account and repeat steps 1 to 4

Keep in mind only one driver to be connected to the button at one time and the driver who is driving is the one that should be connected to it. For co driving to work in the first place both users would need there own account co driving can't operate off of just one account.