How to Access the New Website portal, As well as Save logs as pdf files.

To get into the logs you would need to go and click on LTE Login on either a desktop or laptop as mobile devices do not have these options. You would then fill out your email password into the fields, this is case sensitive so please make sure you type it out properly. 
For your login type it depends on which system you use whether that be the owner operator, the pro service, or the AG service make sure you select the proper bubble for your account. If you are Owner operator you don't need a license key and can leave that field blank if you are using AG or the pro service one will be required for that and you should have gotten that when the account was created or you can contact support to give them your company information and they can give it to you.
That should allow you into the account once the proper fields are inputted but if you get it wrong you do have a couple of attempts before it will lock you out of logging in, if this does happen please contact support and they can help you out. To access log data you then click on Lists -> HOS Logs to view your logs.  For old logs select your name in the drop down and it can generate the 180 days that the system stores.
To print it out you can hit the middle button that should say Enforcement View or Create Logbook to display the printable format for your logs. You can bring up the print menu with CTRL+P and if you wish to save as PDF just change the destination of the from a printer to save as PDF.