How to send data to Safety Officials through the Web Site

You need to go to the website while on a laptop or desktop computer as that is the best method to access all this data in question. You then choose your respective login type and you should see a erods login system.
Select the type of system you are using by bubbling the correct abbreviation owner operator, PRO service, AG carrier, etc. enter in your login credentials which includes email and password for owner operators but for PRO and AG users that would also include a license key. If you don't have a license key ask you admin to give it to you or contact support with you company name and they can get it for you.
Once you login to the website there will be tabs on the left side the one you want to click is the send data to FMCSA and that should open up the proper page to send data to the safety official. Please make sure to select the proper time period that he is requesting to be sent, input the proper inspector comment, and also make sure to select the driver in question that needs the logs sent.
Once that is done please select the red button that says send to eRODS system as that will finalize it and it will be sent to FMCSA for review.